Autopilot 1 vs. 2

There’s a lot of questions about Autopilot and how it pertains to your configuration.  In this article we’re take a look at the differences. Autopilot 1 The originally autopilot hardware suite consisted of 12 ultra-sonic sensors, 1 radar unit, and 1 forward facing camera.  This is adequate to do most highway driving on it’s own … More Autopilot 1 vs. 2

Ordering Process

There are two ways or order a Tesla Model S or Model X. That’s in-store or online. Whichever way you choose to order, your vehicle will be processed by the same system, which is why Tesla is being hailed as a car ordering revolution. Instead of using out dated dealerships, they’ve replaced them with sleek stores, some even located in shopping malls and department stores. Truly unprecedented. … More Ordering Process