Ordering Process


This article will walk you through the ordering process for online or in-store.

There are two ways or order a Tesla Model S or Model X.  That’s in-store or online.  Whichever way you choose to order, your vehicle will be processed by the same system, which is why Tesla is being hailed as a car ordering revolution.  Instead of using out dated dealerships, they’ve replaced them with sleek stores, some even located in shopping malls and department stores.  Truly unprecedented.

Your purchasing experience will be relatively hassle free, and unlike any buying experience you’ve ever had before.  There is absolutely no haggling or negotiating.  No sleezy salesmen trying to “get you in a car today”.  This is why going to a physical store location is such a joy.  I highly recommend it at least once if you have one near you.  If not, I recommend traveling.

Ordering Process (Retail)

You’ll work with an ownership specialist that knows pretty much everything about the cars.  It’s important to note that these specialists don’t know anything about upcoming builds or future Tesla plans.  They are often kept in the dark until the absolute last minute.

Before arriving at the store, you can schedule a test drive online although this isn’t always necessary.  For peak times like weekends and in larger markets like New York, I recommend it so you know you won’t be kept waiting.

Stores generally have a few Model S and Model X in which they do test drives.  The configuration of the car can be modified via software to any battery configuration you desire to ensure you get an authentic experience.  Your test drive will last 10 – 15 minutes and will be designed to show you the major features of the car.

Remember, if you’re really interested in an option (see our Telsa options overview article here) you should ask the owner specialist in advance.  This is important for the sound package, the Next Gen seats, and the Pano roof.  These are features you need to physically experience to enjoy.

Some retail locations will allow you take a car home overnight for a 24 hour ownership experience if they think you’re a real qualified buyer.  It doesn’t hurt to ask about this if you’re seriously considering a purchase.

Also note that you can take a test drive even if you’re not interested in buying a car.  Tesla is very friendly to what traditional dealerships call “tire kickers”.  Just be respectful of the fact you’re taking up time of the owner specialist who could otherwise be spent with a paying customer.

Once you’ve completed your test drive and secured your options, the Tesla specialist will put your order in for you.  For a $1,000 discount be sure to give them the code “kevin176” before Jan 15th!  This works on a Model S or Model X alike.

Ordering Process (Online)

The process online is extremely easy.  Simply navigate to the Tesla site, select your car, input your options and purchase.  You’ll receive an email confirming your order.

Confirming Your Order

After placing your order, you have 7 days to configure the vehicle.  You can make any change you want at no charge other than the difference in cost of the option you chose.  You can speed this process up by confirming your order early.  You do this by clicking the button in “My Tesla”.  This locks in your order.  However, note that any change made after this point will incur a $500 change fee, even if the change is only software based.  Confirming your order early will get you into production faster.

The next steps from here are outlined in our What to Expect Before Delivery article here.


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